Diabetes Clinic

Focus on specialize Diabetes treatments:


  1. Diagnosis: DM: I, II.
  2. Treatment

I Diagnosis:

  • Complete evaluation of history and physical examination.
  • Pertinent complete laboratory evaluation; including insulin production status.
  • Referral to pertinent related specialists: ophthalmology, nephrology, cardiology, vascular surgery, urology, neurology.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring: CGM is designed to capture your glucose levels continuously 24 hours a day. It allows your healthcare provider to make more accurate therapy decisions that lead to better outcomes and quality of life for patients. CGM data is particularly helpful in detecting nocturnal hypoglycemia and postprandial hyperglycemia, not usually detected by A1C and fingerstick testing alone.
  • Screening of peripheral vascular disease in diabetes using an arterial Doppler medical device and bilateral carotid artery disease with ultrasound.

II Treatment:

Education on life style changes including:

  • Advice in physical exercise and training.
  • Nutritional counseling including meal planning. (Certified diabetes educator provides classes in the office for meal planning and carbohydrate counting).
  • Use of oral antidiabetics in proper combination and insulin.
  • Use of other non- insulin parenteral antidiabetic medications.